Tips for Playing Great Rush Poker

Rush poker has really revolutionized the way poker is played, and it is a wonderful variation of the game for individuals who like fast-paced games. If you normally get bored waiting for moves in poker, then rush poker is really the game for you. Here are some tips for playing great rush poker.

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Play the Strongest Possible Hand

You will have much more success with rush poker if you play the strong hands only. While you may be tempted to play each one, you will really reap the rewards of being patient. Go for the premium draw hands and you will have success with rush poker. There are so many hands being played in an hour that it will not hurt anything to sit even half of them out.


The great thing about playing rush poker is that you can bluff and no one will know whether you are bluffing or not because you move tables so frequently; your opponents will not have the opportunity to get to know you. The best time to bluff is when the table has folded to you in the small blinds. Here, you can bet big on the big blind because most of the time, you are going to come out the winner.

No Adjusting

Since you move tables so often, you are not going to get a chance to adjust your game play to suit the opponents with whom you are playing. However, the more poker you play, the better you will become at taking a quick look at a player's stats and moves in order to tell what sort of player he or she is. By gaining this advantage, you can increase your chances of winning.

When you follow these tips for playing rush poker, you are going to experience success and may actually enjoy the game even more than you do now. Rush poker is a lot of fun and there is a lot of potential to make money from the game.


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